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EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT – coaching and individual growth

We all need refreshers that give us a new perspective, skills and knowledge. It’s also useful to be reminded of the many things we do know – sometimes forgotten in a busy working life.

One Degree’s executive coaching provides valuable time for self-reflection in an environment of  professional respect and advancement.  The process is structured, include diverse readings and evaluations and long term goal setting.  The participant prepares a ‘road-map’ to reaching their professional objectives with milestones and test points along the way.

One Degree delivers individual coaching that builds confidence and performance. The process ensures strong, consistent communications, keeps focus on client needs and smooths the way through transition periods.

Clients say:

  • ‘The coaching exercise has been extremely valuable in terms of my professional development and approach to leadership. It was highly practical and relevant to my needs and the situation.’ Local Government Director
  • ’Andy has provided me with excellent guidance, great tips and has been an excellent advisor. I hope that this will not be the last time that we get to deal with him.’ Senior University Researcher


Being a confident public speaker is a powerful tool. It is an essential to successful professional life.

 One Degree’s focused coaching boosts speaking confidence, provides structure and tips to deliver information in an engaging and high impact manner.

The program critically examines presentation content, speech styles, use of vocal tools and body language.

Even experienced public speakers can get value from a speaker’s update. One Degree can tailor a refresher course on a skill that doesn’t come naturally for most people.

This work can be done with individuals and groups up to eight.

Clients say:

  • ‘The workshop provided me with very useful information that I can now apply.’ University Researcher
  • ‘I now feel significantly more confident in preparing and presenting talks that engage the audience.’ Business Owner


 Meetings should be effective forums for sharing ideas, solving problems, making decisions and moving on.  Rarely are they focused, decisive or clear.  It’s time to take charge and make meetings count.

Painless and rewarding meetings create momentum, professional pride and motivation.

One Degree examines the format, style and content of meetings in an evaluation process that all participants contribute to.  We identify bad habits, introduce clear processes and build a sense of progress for participants.  Structure and direction are created so that everyone taking part understands their role and so that the team can be more effective and efficient.

Clients say:

  • ‘These (meetings) are everyday things that none of us had ever challenged. We now all know very useful techniques and help each other out, rather than battling to understand what the meeting is for.’  Business Team Leader
  • ‘Meetings here were horrible and unproductive. I now use the different meeting formats to meet the objective and we save time.’ Local Government Manager


Solving problems for customers should be at the heart of all organisations, no matter what size or what sector.  What is astonishing is how rarely this is achieved across industry and government sectors.

One Degree works with a diverse range of clients from national brand names to government, universities and small business.

Low customer service competencies can be the tell-tale that there are other leadership matters to consider. The focus is the customer experience.

Clients say:

‘I thought I knew customer service well, but I learned new things today and so did my staff.’  National Customer Service Award Winning staff member of a major bank