Good Decisions,

Better Performance,

Best Outcomes

Leadership and Communications Specialist

Executive coaching, mentorship, workshop facilitator, change management, agile and engaged teamwork underpinned by clear and effective communications.

These are the services that One Degree provides.

People-focused performance and improved accountabilities that are tailored to workplace needs, organisational demands and client satisfaction.

One Degree is a boutique consultancy that has successfully served business, government, research and the non-profit sectors for over five years.

Pitching – for high impact

The pitch to clients, bosses and partners is a must-have skill. Increase your influence in a convincing and well structured manner.

Pitching success comes from knowing the techniques and practising your pitch. It’s even more effective when you learn this with your colleagues.

One Degree’s Pitch Perfect is an intensive and proven way of mastering the successful pitch. It works for very different work teams because the program is tailored to their needs.

It’s structured for maximum learning and immediate application. You learn by doing. You will receive valuable feedback from your colleagues and you will give them feedback as well. This process demonstrates your mastery of the techniques.

Pitch Perfect is aimed at work teams of up to 15 people and works well for cross-disciplinary groups. The masterclass builds pitching confidence, convincing communications and team strength.

The focus is not just what is said, but how its said to achieve maximum influence.

The skills can also be taught one-on-one.

Executive Coaching

focussed and high impact skills and tools for senior staff to improve individual performance, grow confidence and build team effectiveness.

“The executive coaching exercise has been extremely valuable in terms of my professional development and approach to leadership. It was highly practical and relevant to my needs and situation.”  

Local Government Director


support for established and emerging leaders to develop sustainable professional practise that elevates performance, improves efficacy and boosts resilience.

“Andy has been instrumental to my improved relationships, both professionally and personally. He has exposed alternative viewpoints and has taught me to assess interactions more critically, with far less emotion and anxiety. Andy’s interest in people is genuine. His people management skills are fantastic, and his approach conflict resolution (both with oneself and with others), is insightful and effective. I have felt so privileged to have Andy’s time and assistance, he has been my secret weapon in forging my career path and overcoming obstacles, which – I was surprised to discover – were mostly self-imposed. ” 

A mentee from a multi-national Engineering Corporation who is a technology specialist.

Better Decision Making

meetings can be like a visit to the dentist, uncomfortable and at times expensive. One Degree’s Meeting Effectiveness Program improves meeting impact, ensures everyone is engaged and discussion is directed and on-topic. The result is better use of everyone’s time with an added bonus; stronger team work and improved strategic decision-making.

“Andy has led a team & individual feedback process that has made it OK to look critically about our input and how we can help each other. The workshop has made a significant improvement to effectiveness of the group & was valuable from a professional development point of view.” 

Managing Director

Change Management

‘the only thing constant is change,’ prophetic words by Heraclitus around 500BC. Dealing with constant change, ensuring staff are agile and resilient is an ever present leadership demand. Developing new perspectives, rising to challenges and inspiring renewed commitment all require careful planning and execution. One Degree has successfully assisted small and large teams to embrace change and to build and sustain enhanced performance levels.

“There is clarity to the approach we took and also valuable learning in the context of the transitional process we were engaged in. The input gave the team confidence and new critical ways to evaluate our effectiveness.” 

Small Business Team Leader

Engaged Teamwork

teams can self-manage, coach, develop and escalate their performance, but this is the exception rather than the rule. One Degree has effective development processes that foster teamwork and create stronger horizontal accountabilities.

“I have introduced some changes already which has greatly improved the relationship between staff and myself. Have learnt about my own strengths and weaknesses as well as my team’s. I now have better listening skills and am much improved in the important focus on strategic management.” 

Local Government Director

Clear and Effective Communications

vital to all effective work practises and in particular, customer service. Appropriate communications are usually at the heart of success and the stone-in-the-shoe of failure. One Degree uses proven training methods to build the confidence and skills of the presenter so that information is received and responded to appropriately and relevantly by the audience.

“Fantastic workshop. Learned a lot and had many questions discussed. Really helpful to my learning and delivery – I will be implementing the tools provided.” – 

Research leader after attending a Communications Workshop.